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Wrath of the Ninja: The Yotoden Movie Dub (1989)

Watch Wrath of the Ninja: The Yotoden Movie Dub (1989) full episodes online in English kissanime
Other name: Sengoku Kitan Youtouden Movie
Synopsis: The year is 1580, and the unholy armies of Lord Nobunaga Oda spread across Japan, murdering all who oppose them. Narrowly escaping the slaughter of her clan, a young ninja steals into the shadows. She is the last of her kind, and the dagger she wields is one of three mystical blades that can end Lord Oda’s rule. On her quest to overthrow the tyrant, she is joined by two other renegade ninja, possessors of the sacred sword and spear. Together, these shadow warriors must unite their weapons and skills to fulfill the Prophesy of the Enchanted Swords… or die trying.

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